Big 12 Means Big Medical Team To Care For Players and Fans

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          The biggest month in college basketball is here, and it starts this weekend at the Big 12 basketball tournament at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City. Tens of thousands of fans from around the country are here to support their favorite team, and that big crowd needs a big medical team on site to care for their needs, as well as the needs of the players.

For the 8th year, The University of Kansas Health System is staffing the first aid stations for the entire tournament, as well as providing a specialized medical team for the players during all practices and games. The team includes an orthopedic surgeon, an internal medicine physician, x-ray technicians, two certified athletic trainers, a dentist, an ophthalmologist and a pharmacist.

            This is a comfort to Tim Allen, senior associate commissioner of the Big 12 Conference. In the video, Allen talks about the typical kinds of injuries the players suffer during tournament play, how it helps to have an academic teaching hospital and Sports Medicine and Performance Center on site, what role the trainers and doctors play in helping prevent injuries, and the injury and medical response that stands out most in his memory over the years of the partnership with The University of Kansas Health System.