Blood Test for Concussion One Step Closer

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            For years, doctors who treat athletes have wished for a simple blood test that can be performed on the sideline to determine whether an athlete has suffered a concussion. The Food and Drug Administration has approved a blood test that brings that dream a step closer. While the test itself doesn’t say definitively that a concussion has occurred, it can tell doctors in the hospital whether further tests, such as a CT scan, are needed to help diagnose a traumatic brain injury.

            Dr. Michael Rippee is director of The Center for Concussion Management at The University of Kansas Health System. In the video, he explains why this test is not ready for sideline use, but is a good first step toward that goal. He says the test can potentially save the radiation exposure and expense of a CT scan. He explains how the new test works, and how medical staff on the sidelines evaluate an athlete for possible concussion.

            Video includes b-roll of a high school student undergoing a baseline concussion test.