Chiefs Football Clinic for Moms

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              The Kansas City Chiefs and USA Football are hosting a Football Clinic for Moms at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex at Arrowhead Stadium. The event is a chance for moms to educate themselves on how to make the game of football safer.

            “This is a great opportunity for The University of Kansas Hospital and for the Chiefs to get in front of moms who have active athletes and ones that are at risk for what we’re going to be talking about which is concussion and also hydration and safety on the field,” said Dr. Randy Goldstein, Medical Director of Youth and Adolescent Sports Medicine.

              In the video, Dr. Goldstein talks about what topics will be covered and why it's important for moms, and and dads to know.

              Dr. Paul Camarata, chairman of Neurosurgery, talks about the violent past of football, and the safety changes made over the years, and how the great benefits of sports can be weighed against the risks.