Uncle Donates Kidney to Toddler Niece

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            When Devin Penny of Wichita heard that his sister’s three year old daughter Lacy desperately needed a kidney, he didn’t hesitate to offer his. He said that’s what families do to show their love for each other. The fact that he’s a family practice physician meant he knew exactly what he was getting into.

            Dr. Penny was good match for his niece, and had one of his kidneys removed at The University of Kansas Hospital several months ago. It was immediately transported to The Children’s Mercy Hospital and transplanted into Lacy. Three days later, Dr. Penny was able to visit his niece and saw for himself what a difference the new kidney made.

            In the video, we see Dr. Devin Penny as he returns to The University of Kansas Hospital’s Center For Transplantation for a checkup, where all signs for his recovery are great. He talks about how he’s feeling now, how Lacy is doing, what his donation has done for the whole family relationship and what he would say, both as a donor and a doctor, about donating a kidney.

            The video also shows his follow up visit in the clinic with Dr. Sean Kumer, the surgeon who removed his kidney for the transplant and file video of Dr. Penny after his donation and video of his visit to Lacy after she received the kidney at The Children’s Mercy Hospital.