Emary Langhorn Asks Taylor Swift a Question

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              Emary Langhorn recently had to give up her ticket to tomorrow’s Taylor Swift concert to undergo her second stem cell or blood marrow transplant.  Her Hodgkin’s Lymphoma returned and today she is ten days post-transplant. The goal is 100 days to declare her transplant a success.

            “Emary is a charming 17-year-old teenager,” Dr. Sid Ganguly, hematology oncologist said. “She’s been battling cancer for two years, but just recently came to The University of Kansas Cancer Center and we placed her on very novel treatment that boosts the body’s own immune system to help hunt down the cancer and attack it.”  Dr. Ganguly says Emary is on her way to recovery … which is the goal.  

            While Emary understands she has to miss the concert with her friends, she hopes the mega music star will take time to visit her … in the hospital.  Listen to Emary’s invitation to Taylor Swift.