Can You Swing The Bat Like Eric Hosmer?

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Ever wonder if your baseball swing measures up? If you’re one of the expected tens of thousands of Royals fans headed to FanFest at Bartle Hall this weekend, you can find out. Head to The University of Kansas Health System booth next to the batting cages and try out the K-Vest human motion learning system which is used in sports medicine physical therapy at The Sports Medicine and Performance Center.                                                          Martin Dolphino, physical therapy manager for orthopedics and sports medicine, talks about the benefits of the device. In the video, he says the vest was originally developed as a golf swing analyzer, but it’s a tool that can assess and improve different aspects of any movement, including a baseball swing, in conjunction with advice from a batting coach. He says the vest is mainly used in physical therapy to analyze a swing and test a patient’s alignment and form after an injury.  He explains how it helps analyze the swing, and why fans will enjoy the experience with the vest and all the different experts they’ll find at the booth.

The video also shows fans at FanFest using the K-Vest, and comments from Anthony Pace who describes what it was like.