Chiefs And High School Football Seasons About To Begin

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             The Chiefs training camp is in full swing, and area high schools are about to begin their fall football practices as well. Two doctors from the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Hospital work with both the Chiefs and area high schools, and say the two kinds of athletes have a lot in common.

            Dr. Scott Mullen describes what he looks for when he works with the Chiefs and how that experience translates to high school athletes. He also explains the importance of stretching at both levels, and the best way for high school athletes to prepare for two-a-day practices.

            Dr. Luke Thompson talks about what he looks for on the sideline at practice and on game day for both the Chiefs and high school athletes. He also explains why it’s so important at both levels to establish relationships with the players and he answers the question on whether there are any differences between working with the Chiefs and high school athletes.

            The video also has the Chiefs working out at their training camp, and video of high school football players in action.