Father Donates Kidney to Toddler Son

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            Every parent says they’ll do anything to help their children. But one area man took that to an extreme…giving his little boy one of his own kidneys. Jerry Casey’s son, who goes by the nickname of Jett, was born with kidney failure, and would need a transplant to survive. For all of his 21 months, he’s been in and out of hospitals and medical facilities, all the while, his family hoping for a new kidney. Then Jerry was tested and found to be a perfect match. Doctors say a kidney from a living donor, especially one from a matching family member, is always best, and will last about five years longer than the average deceased donor kidney. Jerry had one of his kidneys removed at The University of Kansas Health System, and it was rushed to an operating room at The Children’s Mercy Hospital, where surgeons attached the new organ to Jett’s body. He’s already seen a vast improvement.

            In the video, Dr. Sean Kumer, transplant surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System talks about the surgery right after he removed the kidney from Jerry. Dr. Bartholomew Kane and Dr. Walter Andrews from The Children’s Mercy Hospital, describe what they’re doing as they implant the new kidney into Jett, and why a living donor is always best.

            Also in the video, Jerry Casey talks before the surgery about why he’s doing this, and what it was like when he discovered he was a match. He also talks emotionally about what he’s most looking forward to once Jett has recovered from the surgery.

            The video also shows the procedure from both operating rooms, including the removal and packaging of the kidney for transport. The family’s reunion at The Children’s Mercy Hospital several days after the two procedures is also shown.