Preparing For High School Football Emergencies

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          High school football season is in full swing, but the players aren’t the only ones practicing. Doctors, emergency medical responders and athletic trainers from the Shawnee Mission School district gathered to practice what they would each do if a player is injured on the field during practice or a game.

          In the video, Doug Wiesner, sports medicine program director at The University of Kansas Hospital, explains what’s taking place in the simulation, and why it’s so important to be prepared. Also, Maria Beermann-Foat, captain with Johnson County Med-Act, explains the EMT”s role in handling a serious football injury, and Dr. David Smith with the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Hospital, explains how all of the different providers work together as a team, and why moms and dads of the players should be reassured their son will be well cared for in an emergency. Also shown is footage of equipment removal from actual players participating in the drill.