Whether A Chief Or A Cougar, Preparing For Football Season The Same

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          The Kansas City Chiefs have begun their training camp in St. Joseph, Missouri, and area high schools begin their fall football practices soon. But whether pro or high school, the athletes prepare for the season in very similar ways.

Dr. Paul Schroeppel sees patients in the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas Hospital. He’s also in his third season as an Orthopedic Team Physician for the Chiefs. In the video, he talks about how the Chiefs prepare for the heat and how he and the team training staff work together to keep the team in top shape. He also offers his top advice for high school football players to get ready for the season, why nutrition is so important and his best advice for athletes at both levels…be honest with the trainers. Also included is video from last year’s Chiefs training camp and of the Shawnee Mission North and East football teams in action.