Serious Birth Defect On The Rise Has Doctors Concerned

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         Cassaundra and Brandon Shipman celebrate every day with their sixth month old daughter Kimber.  She was born at The University of Kansas Hospital with a rare birth defect called gastroshisis. The hospital was as among the first to sound the alarm to the Centers for Disease Control about this serious birth defect now on the rise across the U.S. gastroschisis is a condition where the intestines hang outside a newborn’s body near the belly button.  In all, about 2,000 babies are born with the defect annually and doctors don’t really know why.  The University of Kansas Health System sees about five or six cases each year.  Surgery within hours of birth corrects the condition.  Pediatric Surgeon Kurt Schropp explains the procedure and risks in the gripping video as he invites our cameras into the OR following the birth of another baby born with gastroschisis. You can also hear from Cassaundra and Brandon about Kimber’s birth, the surgery and her prognosis.