High Schools Prepare for Athletic Emergencies

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            Picture this: a high school football player takes a huge wallop to the head and falls unconscious on the field. The coach, who is obviously concerned for his player, calls 911 and runs to the field to help. But when the ambulance shows up, the crew faces a locked gate…delaying vital, maybe lifesaving care. It’s a scenario that isn’t too far-fetched if schools haven’t taken the time to come up with and practice an emergency action plan.

            Dr. David Smith is medical director of Youth Sports at The University of Kansas Health System Sports Medicine and Performance Center, and he works closely with area high schools and athletic trainers on developing their own emergency action plan, and making sure they practice before the various sports seasons. In the video, Dr. Smith describes how the goals are to provide athletes the best care and prevent injuries. He explains a typical emergency scenario, and talks about how he and the athletic trainers went to the various schools to practice the emergency plan, which also includes Johnson County EMS. The video also shows one of those drills, in which athletic trainers and emergency medical providers practiced the right way to handle an injured football player.