Teenaged Girl Fighting Rare Cancer and Winning

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             Most people, when told they have cancer, are in a state of shock. But when 14-year-old Mahquiya Davis of Blue Springs found out…she started laughing. That’s because she says she’s never been sick a day in her life…and could hardly believe it. But her dentist had noticed something unusual during a visit and when Mahquiya had it checked out at the doctor’s office, the diagnosis was mucoepidermoid carcinoma, a rare form of cancer in her jaw.

            Mahquiya had to have surgery to remove the tumor, and then radiation treatment at The University of Kansas Hospital, which was not always easy for her.

            “It was stunning how she did during her course of treatment,” said Dr. Vickie Massey, a radiation oncologist at The University of Kansas Hospital. “She would come in and always have a terrific attitude.”

            After surgery, radiation therapy and ongoing sessions with an occupational therapist, Mahquiya is recovering from the cancer, and has a bright future…and is thinking about where she’s going to go to college. “I’ve seen strength in her that I never knew she had,” said her mom Connie Davis. “She’s my hero truly.”

            In the video, Mahquiya Davis explains her reaction to finding out she had cancer, what the treatment was like, what the future looks like for her and how her mom has been strong for her. Her mom, Connie Davis, explains why her daughter is her hero, and has advice for anyone going through this. Dr. Vickie Massey, a radiation oncologist at The University of Kansas Hospital, explains the rare cancer and the aggressive treatment, why nutrition and pain control are the most important things for Mahquiya as well as a great attitude. She also talks about what’s next for her patient.