"Twinkle Twinkle Mommy Star" by Judith Newell

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           When Judith Newell lost her daughter-in-law to breast cancer ten years ago, she was the one who answered the many and hard questions asked by Missy Newell’s son … her grandson. Questions like, “When I look at the stars, I wonder if Mommy is up there with them?”  A decade later, Newell has penned those questions and answers in a creative children’s story designed to help guide them through their grief.  Although written for children, many grownups will find this book helpful especially when going through the holidays.  Newell’s book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Missys’ Boutique inside The University of Kansas Cancer Center at the Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Pavillion in Westwood.  Sales of books inside Missy’s Boutique benefit the “patients in need” fund while other sales will go to children’s charities chosen by Missy’s two sons.