Halloween Fun Can Lead to Unintended Poisonings--Don't Fall Victim!

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Jill Chadwick

News Director

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             Glow sticks, Halloween makeup, dry ice and party drinks are among common calls to the Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Health System during this time of year. Why? 

“Typically, it’s misuse of the product or a sensitivity to a product,” Stefanie Baines, Poison Control Educator said. “Sometimes people call because they have a skin sensitivity to Halloween makeup or their child has broken a glow stick and the liquid has gotten into someone’s eye or mouth or someone tried to touch dry-ice without protection.”

            To help both children and adults be more aware, the Poison Control Center has produced a short video featuring Hunter the dog and Scout the cat.  Also appearing in the video is Taylor … a grown-up and friend to the popular puppets. We invite media to include the short video on their websites and use the sound-bites from Stefanie Baines to help educate on the poisons linked to Halloween.  Baines has an added message, not in the video, that includes information regarding their risks of alcohol poisonings among children who accidentally get into adult beverages left lying around during a party.