After Life-Changing Crash, Teen Continues to Pursue Her Dream

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            Dasia Scaife is 17, and has dreamed of being a chef since she was a little girl…she even takes special culinary classes at Blue Springs South High School. But she was in a terrible car accident, suffering extensive injuries to her pelvis and head…injuries that almost took her life. Doctor Kim Templeton, an orthopedic surgeon at The University of Kansas Hospital, made the difficult, but life-saving decision to amputate her right leg.

            Once Dasia recovered from the shock of learning her leg was gone, she was more determined than ever to continue pursuing her dream of being a chef. Thanks to therapists and a very dedicated culinary arts instructor who makes special visits to The University of Kansas Hospital Rehab Center kitchen to continue the lessons, Dasia is healing and continuing to learn the fine art of cooking.

            In the video, Danielle Scaife, Dasia’s mom, tells what it was like when she got the call her daughter was hurt and how she’s coped with everything. She says she’s so happy to see her daughter able to pursue her dream, thanks to the rehab center and the cooking program. Dasia Scaife describes what it was like in the hospital when she woke up from surgery without her leg. She talks about how her recovery has gone and what’s kept her going, and how cooking has been important to her for most of her life. Also, Dr. Kim Templeton, her surgeon, describes the “incredibly rough shape” Dasia was in when she came to The University of Kansas Hospital, and how she didn’t think Dasia would survive. She describes the tough conversation she had with Dasia’s parents about her chance of survival, and how gratifying it is to see how well she’s recovering and pursuing her dream of cooking.