Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce Plays Sidekick to Pediatric Superhero

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             Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce jumped into action at The University of Kansas Hospital as a superhero “sidekick” to 1-year-old Daxton, a recovering cancer patient, in order to help other kids feel like superheroes to battle their ailments on National Superhero Day.

            The dynamic duo of Daxton and Travis distributed masks and capes to the kids as well as Shadow Buddies dolls designed specifically for children in hospitals to help them better cope with their stay. The Superhero visit was made possible through support of the Shadow Buddies Foundation.

            In the video, Daxton’s mom, Angie Smith, talks about the visit and how it’s helped her son. Also, Travis Kelce talks about why he does this and what visiting children in the hospital means to him.