Cold Weather Sports and Conditioning - Part 2 of a 4 part series: Swimming

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           We usually think of swimming as a summer activity. But for many student athletes, swimming is a year-round sport, thanks to the indoor pools many schools have.

 “Swimmers…my heart goes out to them, because many times they’re practicing at 5:30 in the morning in that cold swimming pool,” David Smith, MD, medical director of Youth Sports at The University of Kansas Hospital Sports Medicine and Performance Center said. “But they’re tough athletes, endurance athletes.”

Smith says he sees a lot of shoulder problems with swimmers…especially those who have not conditioned themselves for that stress from an early age. He also sees skin problems, infections and even concussions.

            In the video, Dr. Smith offers more detail on the types of injuries, and talks about how concussions can happen in swimming. He also talks about swimmer’s ear, a common ailment and how it’s treated. He also has a recipe for preventing it.

Video also includes high school swimmers in action at a Blue Valley West swim meet.