The Secret To Stealing Bases

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             According to Dr. Vince Key, head team physician of the Kansas City Royals, great runners are born. “No amount of training will allow you to go from a turtle to Usain Bolt,” said Key, also an orthopedic surgeon for the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas of Health System. But he says there are ways to learn how to run better, especially for young baseball players, which can allow them to steal bases like the big leaguers.

            In the video, from the Royals spring training camp in Surprise Arizona, Dr. Key explains what the great runners have that the rest of us don’t. He also describes the right way to run, which involves keeping the upper body “quiet.” He explains the ideal way to train, which involves resistance and running in a swimming pool. And he shares the best way to run the bases, including the secret to being a great base stealer.