Want to Pitch or Throw Like a Royal? Dr. Key Offers Top Training Tips

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             The thrill of a baseball game is often found in a long throw from the outfield or the quick release from the pitcher’s mound.  Throwing long, hard and fast is a goal of all players … from little leaguers to the pros.  Dr. Vincent Key, orthopedic surgeon for the Sports Medicine and Performance Center at The University of Kansas of Health System and head team physician to the Royals says it all begins with stretching.

            “You don’t stretch by throwing a baseball,” Dr. Key said.  “You stretch to get your arm loose to be able to throw a baseball.” 

            To warm up, Dr. Key suggests players use a band to stretch or do general stretching by crossing your arms followed by moving them back and forth. In the video below, Dr. Key talks more about warming up and offers his opinions along with the facts on when to practice a long verses short throw. Hint: The position you play determines how you should practice throwing or pitching. Listen to Dr. Key’s tips to learn how to best train and strengthen your muscles to accomplish the perfect pitching and throwing arm.