Future Athletic Trainers Learn How to Keep Athletes 23 Percent Healthier

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            A group of college students from the KU Sports Medicine program were recently put through their paces in a pretty intense workout. It’s designed to expose the future athletic trainers and other health care providers to real world situations and show them ways to keep athletes healthier.  It features a variety of exercises that are used to keep athletes at peak performance. The workout is also good at helping them prevent injuries and it takes a comprehensive approach. The University of Kansas Health System says local schools that have used this approach have seen 23 percent fewer injuries.

            In the video, Matthew Way with the Youth Sports Medicine program at The University of Kansas Health System, says the program exposes the students to real world applications, and things they don’t always learn in a textbook. He says the program is one of the few in the country, and utilizes several elements, such as mobility, traditional strength and conditioning and yoga. He says even when an athlete is injured, the training they’ve received allows them to bounce back much faster.

            Also in the video, Ali Ghaisarnia, one of the students in the class, talks about what a great opportunity it is to learn how to help keep athletes in better physical condition and prevent injuries. Brian King is the head football coach at DeSoto High School, and he says it’s a huge benefit having an athletic trainer like Matthew Way work with his players. He says his team’s injury rate has gone down dramatically.

            The video also features the students going through the different workouts and drills.