Cancer Patient Tim Grimes Hopeful After Brain Surgery

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31 months ago, Tim Grimes was told he had only 9 months to live. His grim diagnosis: Stage 4 melanoma, all from a mole on his back. But Tim was determined to fight with all he had, and after multiple rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and many surgeries, all at The University of Kansas Cancer Center, he was given the news last November that he was cancer-free. His Twitter handle says it all: #NotGoingAnywhere.

            But recently, a follow up exam showed a cancerous spot on Tim’s brain. Radiation appeared to take care of the problem, but an MRI showed it may have returned. Doctors decided the best thing to do was surgically remove the tumor.

            In the video, Dr. Roukoz Chamoun, a neurosurgeon at The University of Kansas Health System, explains why he felt the need for surgery, and describes what they found, which looked like dead tissue from the radiation. Tests confirm that’s what it was, and Dr. Chamoun says that’s great news, and a sign Tim won’t need any further treatment.

            Also in the video, Tim Grimes talks about his 31 month journey, and the roller coaster of emotion with all the good and bad news. He also talks about how amazing it’s been to have support from the community, including Chiefs players like Eric Berry and many players from the Royals.

            The video also shows video from Tim’s brain surgery with Dr. Chamoun.