Does Mom Still "Fit" Her Car?

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             Most of us love our cars and how we feel behind the wheel. But the older we get, changes in vision, flexibility, strength, range of motion and even size and height could make us less comfortable, and reduce our control behind the wheel.

            To help mom and dad see how well they and their car work together, trained volunteers put on a CarFit event at The University of Kansas Hospital’s Landon Center on Aging. Each car and driver undergoes a 12-point review, including correct position of the driver’s seat, the driver’s ability to reach the pedals, and the proper adjustment of mirrors.

            “It’s critically important that mature drivers make safety a personal priority,” said Kelly Dahl, an education specialist with the Trauma Department at The University of Kansas Hospital. “Older drivers can take important measures to lessen the stress associated with driving.”

In the video, Dahl talks about the challenges older drivers face, why checkups like this are so important, and how this program helps keep them safe on the road. Also, Roy Watson, an older driver, talks about why he took part in the CarFit event.