An Amazing Device That Makes Hand Tremors Disappear Like Magic

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             Most brothers are used to sharing things growing up. But Dan and Lacy Pointer shared something pretty uncommon…an uncontrollable shaking of the hands called essential tremor. Both of them developed it in their teen years. It turns out this neurological condition runs in families. For most of their lives, it caused problems with everyday tasks like eating, and made both work and play difficult.

            After years of suffering, they heard about a procedure called deep brain stimulation, pioneered at The University of Kansas Hospital. A pacemaker-like device is implanted in the chest and electrodes go to precise parts of the brain to control the tremors. Dan decided to have the procedure, and had such great results, Lacy had it done too. Both were able to resume work and hobbies they thought they’d have to give up, and now enjoy a much better quality of life.

            In the video Dan explains how his hand tremors hindered him on his job as a heating and cooling salesman, and how after the procedure, he enjoyed eating soup with a spoon…something he couldn’t do before. His brother Lacy also explains his problems with eating, and how after the procedure, it’s is much easier and how he’s been able to resume his life-long passion for archery.

            Also on the video, Dr. Raj Pahwa, a neurologist at The University of Kansas Hospital who helped research and develop the procedure, explains how it works and how satisfying it is to see it change patients’ lives. The video also includes animation of the procedure and amazing video of Dan and Lacy Pointer demonstrating their hand tremors before and after activing the device.