Drug Coated Balloon

New Technology Brings Relief to Patients With Blocked Leg Arteries

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The University of Kansas Hospital becomes one of the first in the region to use a new device to help patients with blocked arteries in the legs. Called a Drug Eluting Balloon, the device opens the arteries and leaves medication in the artery to help keep the blockage from returning.

Dr. Kamal Gupta, an interventional cardiologist, talks about the symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease, which can cause leg pain, and the condition of patient Patrick Clark.

Patrick Clark, one of the first to have the new procedure, talks about what it was like before, where he couldn't walk a golf course without pain in his legs, and how afterward, it's "a world of difference...100 percent better!"

Also included is video from the office visit, and animation from Medtronic showing how the Drug Eluting Balloon works.