Man Goes From Intensive Care To Home Thanks To "Game Changing" Drug

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Back in December, Grover Edwards was a very sick man. He suffers congestive heart failure, and had to be brought to the cardiac intensive care unit at The University of Kansas Hospital. His cardiologist, Dr. Andrew Sauer, was thinking Edwards might need a heart transplant.

            But then Dr. Sauer decided to try something new, a drug called Entresto recently approved for heart failure patients. What a difference it made! Soon, Edwards regained his strength and his appetite and was able to go home feeling much better, with no more talk about a transplant.

            Dr. Sauer calls this drug a “game changer” in the treatment of heart failure patients. In the video, he explains what Entresto is and how it works, how it greatly helped his patient when he was running out of options and how it’s improved Edwards’ quality of life.

            The patient, Grover Edwards, describes what a big difference the medicine has made in his life. He also talks about the problems he was having and his family’s history of heart problems and how it’s helped him regain his strength and appetite and put on some needed weight.

            The video also shows Edwards and Dr. Sauer during a follow-up visit to the doctor’s office and Edwards having blood drawn for his lab work.