Ian Grillot Addresses News Media

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             Patient Ian Grillot continues to improve at The University of Kansas Health System after being shot in the hand and chest at an Olathe, Kan., bar and grill on Feb. 22. Grillot was well enough to answer questions from the news media today.

             Doctors say Grillot is doing well, but will remain in the hospital a while longer.  They add that the road to recovery ahead for Grillot is long and paved with phsycial therapy and doctor visists.

            The video shows the entire unedited news conference. The speakers are, from left to right, Justin Green, MD, PhD, medical director of Trauma at The University of Kansas Health System, the surgeon who cared for Ian when he arrived at the hospital, Ian Grillot (grill-it), the patient, and Lee Norman, MD, chief medical officer at The University of Kansas Health System, who moderated the news conference.