Kidney Donation Leads To Change In Area Company's Policy

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           A year ago, Brian Schell had a big problem. The Overland Park man suffered from polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a genetic disorder in which abnormal cysts develop and grow in the kidneys. Doctors at The University of Kansas Health System told him the only cure was a kidney transplant. Brian asked his brother Allan if he’d be willing to donate a kidney. Allan agreed, and traveled from Ohio to give his brother a live-saving kidney.

            Both brothers recently returned to the hospital for their one-year checkup. Brian feels great, and his brother, Allan, is glad he could give the gift of life to his brother. In the video, Dr. Sean Kumer, one of the transplant surgeons, talks about the risks to the donor, and how he always makes sure the donor knows what they’re getting into. Also, Brian Schell, the recipient, talks about how life has improved since his transplant. He says he pushed for his company, BATS, in Overland Park, to offer a new benefit of six weeks paid leave to any employee who donates an organ. His brother, Allan Schell, talks about his initial fears about donating, and how well he’s recovered after a year.

            Also on the video are interviews from one year ago at the time of the donation, including Dr. Tim Schmidt, one of the transplant surgeons, and both patients just before surgery as they met with each other and medical staff. TV friendly video from the surgery is also included, showing the new kidney as it’s being placed into Brian.