Moose Man Treated For Antler Elbow

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             Every Kansas City Royals fan recognizes “Moose Man.” He’s the guy whose favorite player is third baseman Mike “Moose” Moustakas, and you can see him at most games in the crowd hoisting a pair of moose antlers and driving what he calls the moose mobile. He’s been doing it since the team’s World Series run last year and he hasn’t stopped.

            The “Moose Man” is Craig Rookstool from Lee’s Summit, and of course, he was invited to drive his moose mobile in the team’s massive parade and rally on Tuesday. It was right before the parade in the staging area that Rookstool happened upon members of the medical staff from The University of Kansas Hospital, the official medical providers for the team. He mentioned he’s been having elbow pain. One of the doctors, Paul Schroeppel, an orthopedic surgeon, was able to examine him on the spot, and figured out that all those hours of holding up the moose antlers was causing his pain.

Rookstool came by the doctor’s office the next day and was diagnosed with “Antler Elbow,” or what’s commonly known as tennis elbow. A cortisone shot in his elbow and a few months rest, and “Moose Man,” will be ready for next season.