Grounded Pilot May Fly Again Thanks To High-Tech Pain Relief

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          Ask anyone who knows Mike Boinski, and they’ll tell you he’s one of the most active people they know. Private pilot, scuba diver, motorcycle rider and fire department administrator. But a pain in his lower back kept getting worse and worse, and forced him to cut way back. He tried all kinds of medicine…including over-the-counter pain relievers, which after a year and a half, gave him an ulcer and ate a hole in his esophagus. He was running out of options.

He came to the Spine Center at The University of Kansas Health System and saw Dr. Dawood Sayed, a pain relief specialist. He diagnosed Mike’s condition as a degenerative back problem…something he was born with, and started him out on prescription medication. That only made Mike lethargic and didn’t eliminate the pain. Then Dr. Sayed suggested a new device called a pain neurostimulator, which is placed in the patient’s back, like a pacemaker. High frequency electrical impulses short-circuit the pain…typically by 80 to 90 percent. Mike had a temporary device installed to see how it would work…and the change was remarkable just two days later. He then had the device permanently installed, and is now is able to enjoy his activities again. He even hopes to be flying again by this summer.

In the video, Dr. Sayed talks about the HF10 high frequency stimulator, how it works and how much relief a patient can expect. He explains the device is a good alternative to pain relievers and opiates, and what kind of patient can benefit most from the therapy. And he says the best part is a patient can “test drive” the neurostimulator before having it permanently implanted.

Also on the video is the patient, Mike Boinski, who talks about his condition and everything he went through trying to work through his pain. He describes the amazing change after having the device implanted and the activities he hopes to resume. He’s also thankful to his medical team, and advises anyone with back pain to see if this will help.

            The video also includes still photos of Mike in his various activates.