Update: Ian Grillot

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Patient Ian Grillot continues to improve at The University of Kansas Health System after being shot in the hand and chest while watching basketball with friends at an Olathe, Kan., bar and grill.  “This weekend has been tough”, Grillot said.  “I did get my chest-tube out and that feels much better, but it is hard to describe how sore I feel.“
            Grillot and his family say it’s also difficult to put into words how grateful they are for the outpouring of community support.  Grillot, who earns a living doing home construction and remodeling, says the support of the community and strangers has renewed his faith in people and makes it easier for him to concentrate on getting well.
            Doctors say Grillot is doing well, but will remain in the hospital a while longer.  They add that the road to recovery ahead for Grillot is long and paved with physical therapy and doctor visits.
             Grillot asked the media relations department with The University of Kansas Health System to record his sincere thanks to the media for allowing him time to rest this weekend and to others for their continued prayers and well wishes.   Grillot will know more about his treatment plan tomorrow and plans to update everyone around midday.