No Last Minute Shopping Needed in a Gift for a Person Facing a Serious Illness

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Experts at Turning Point, the center for hope and healing in Kansas City, part of The University of Kansas Hospital network, says one of the most meaningful gifts you can give to a seriously ill person is the gift of your time.  Turning Point social worker Lizzie Wright says too many people don’t know what to give to a person facing cancer, serious heart disease or other serious diseases, so they do nothing.  Instead, wright says “give the gift of service” from yourself.  Such an approach meant the world to cancer survivor Becky Steiner, of Kansas City, Missouri, when she was in treatment.  Friends and even strangers signed up to bring meals, clean her house and do laundry. 

Steiner says the gifts of service changed her life, and Turning Point’s Wright notes the giving of personal time is often the most appreciated.  Video also shows Steiner going through the cards, letters and notes of offers to perform personal services during her illness.