How to Prevent Fall Risks

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              Lori Roddin is not usually a klutz. But after falling down three times in a month…once requiring a trip to the emergency department…she knew she might have a problem. She went to her doctor who recommended she enter the Stepping On program, a series of fall prevention classes put on by The University of Kansas Health System.  The free program is designed for older adults living independently who want to reduce their chances of falling. To bring attention to the hazards, Sept. 22-28 has been designated Fall Prevention Awareness Week.

            The most recent numbers in Kansas show more than 125-thousand residents aged 65 or older have sustained a fall. 337 of those died from their fall. 21-thousand fall injuries were treated at hospitals with a projected lifetime cost of care of half a billion dollars.          

            In the video, Kelly Dahl, a nurse who oversees the Stepping On program, explains how the program works by emphasizing strength and balance exercises in the weekly two-hour class at The Landon Center on Aging, part of The University of Kansas Health System.

            Also in the video Lori Roddin explains the falling incident that led to her trip to the emergency department, and why she’s glad she’s going to the Stepping On classes. She says she’s learned new techniques, such as the right way to sit down and stand up and the best way to walk in her kitchen. The video also shows Lori and others going through the class.