Health Food Top 10 Myths

We all assume that if what we eat is labeled "Health Food," then it's good for us, right? Not necessarily so says Dr. Anna Esparham, a pediatrician and food expert at The University of Kansas Hospital.

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Here are the top 10 foods we think are healthy and the truths behind them.

1) Most Whole Wheat contains big doses of carbohydrates which spike the blood sugar causing you to get hungry sooner

2) Most Gluten-free products contain rice flour, not much nutrition and causes a spike in blood sugar

3) "Healthy" breakfast cereals are usually made from processed grain, contain simple instead of complex carbohydrates

4) Low Fat Foods have added sugar to make them taste better because of less fat

5) Sports drinks and juices are usually traight sugar. Water is much better

6) "Heart Healthy" vegetables contain too much Omega 6

7) Yogurt Contains as much sugar as a Twinkie

8) Agave nectar contains concentrated fructose, goes straight to the liver, can cause fatty liver disease

9) Energy bars have too many chemicals and preservatives

10) Fake butter processing may cause cardiovascular disease and diabetes