Sen. McCaskill’s Breast Cancer Announcement Reinforces Early Detection

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          When U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri announced she has breast cancer, she also said it was detected through her regular mammogram, and she expects a full recovery.

Doctors at The University of Kansas Cancer Center say this news reinforces that regular screenings work, and don’t agree with recently proposed guidelines pushing the age of a woman’s first mammogram from 40 to 50. They say that will cost thousands of lives.

            Dr. Jamie Wagner is a breast surgeon at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. In the video, she explains what guidelines she gives her patients, talks about the controversy over the new guidelines, what types of mammograms patients should ask for and the best way to catch cancer early.

            Dr. Onalisa Winblad is a breast radiologist at The University of Kansas Cancer Center. She explains how the new guidelines are different, the reason behind the new guidelines, the benefits of the different types of mammograms and her prescription for men and women for early cancer detection. The video also includes media-friendly shots of mammograms and breast surgery.