The Most Common Household Burns and How to Avoid Them

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             February is the month when we’re all asked to be more aware of burns, especially around the kitchen. Doctors and nurses at The Burnett Burn Center at The University of Kansas Health System say most of the burns they see are from routine kitchen mishaps.

            Suzanne Mitchell, a provider in the outpatient wound and burn care center at The University of Kansas Health System, says the two most common kinds of burns are scald burns from water and grease burns. In the video, she describes the most common burn scenarios, and how to avoid them. She explains why grease burns are especially dangerous, and how to keep the kitchen safe for young children. She also tells what to do, and what not to do, if you are burned in the kitchen. She also demonstrates the safe way to handle pots and pans on the oven, and what to do if grease in a pan suddenly catches fire. She shows and explains why there’s a safe height for microwave ovens, and shows why it’s so important to keep appliance cords far away from the edge of the counter.