The Medical News Network is a 'news feed' designed exclusively for journalists to report quality medical news stories. It is backed by a nationally ranked academic teaching hospital and made possible through a generous donation by the Dolph C. Simons, Jr. family.

Newsrooms are hungry for more content while often working with fewer resources and the public craves reliable medical news.  The Medical News Network helps both by providing 'raw' HD 1080i video and MP3 files that journalists can use to create their own news stories.  The content reflects health and wellness, medical breakthroughs as well as the latest research with compelling patient profiles. 













The Medical News Network won't write your stories for you, but we will provide everything you need to broadcast or write your own reports.  The Medical News Network also has LIVE capabilities with experts willing to answer questions at a moment's notice to help give your viewers perspective and clarity. 

Don't see what you need or have a sweeps story idea?  Call us with the questions you want answered and we will record the interview and put into your private news folder.  The Medical News Network works much like the news feeds you're currently using.  Here, you can select from vo/sots and nat package options as well as high resolution pictures to create your own graphics.  Check out the video above to learn more.