The Medical News Network has a fully functioning broadcast studio with HD-1080i LIVE capabilities. Call us with questions or to book your LIVE shot.

Booking a LIVE shot with the Medical News Network (MNN) is easy. The MNN utilizes the most advanced professional broadcast quality live transport available called LTN smart cloud technology.  LTN communicates with both satellite and fiber links, but is quickly replacing those more expensive options - so check with your engineer as you may already have an LTN appliance. 

MNN has medical experts available to add perspective and clarity to complex medical stories.  They are anxious to educate the public on health and wellness as well as the latest medical trends and research.  Call us with questions or to book your LIVE shot.

MNN LIVE Shot Contacts:

  • Cliff Erwin, Broadcast Studio Manager - 913-588-5246 or 417-483-2487
  • Jill Jensen Chadwick, News Director - 913-223-3974
  • Bob Hallinan, Executive Producer - 913-588-5246
  • KU Hospital IFB - 913-945-9972
  • Control Room - 913-588-1278

LTN Contact:

  • LTN Operations Center - 240-855-0004
  • Missy Gralish, 412-996-9350 (for help with LTN to satellite or fiber connections)