The Most Effective Way to Stop Coronavirus

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Bob Hallinan

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             Most people are hoping there will soon be a treatment for the coronavirus that’s spreading around the world. But the most effective way to stop it from spreading is already available…washing your hands.

            In the video, Lance Williamson, an infection prevention nurse with The University of Kansas Health System, explains hands are the number one way germs are transmitted. He says a quick splash of soap and a dunk in the water isn’t good enough to keep your hands germ-free. He explains proper friction is vital…and he describes the most commonly missed areas. He says warm water is best, but it’s OK if the water is cold. He says you want to avoid hot water because it will dry out your hands a lot faster. Williamson says while soap and water is the best method, the second best option is an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. He adds it’s vital to practice respiratory etiquette…such as coughing or sneezing into the crook of your arm rather than uncovered. Most importantly, he demonstrates the right way to wash your hands…and you might be surprised to see what’s involved.