Don't Drink the Water...or Even Touch It!

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          March and April mean Flood Safety Awareness in the United States, and already flooding has caused a state of emergency in parts of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. Many people have come into direct contact with floodwater, and if you or your family are threatened by flooding, there are steps you can take to protect your health.

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, an infectious disease physician with The University of Kansas Health System, says avoidance is key, but understands that’s not always possible. In the video, he recommends getting a tetanus vaccination if you have not received one in the last 8 years. Although it may take up to 3 weeks for immunity to take effect, the shot can still help even if you’ve already been exposed to any infectious diseases. Dr. Hawkinson also advises just use common sense and practice basic hygiene…making sure you clean and dry your feet and hands after encountering the bacteria, viruses, parasites and chemical contaminants in the swarming flood water.

The video also shows flooding from the St. Joseph, Missouri area.