Frostbite Can Strike Faster Than You Think

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Many of are breaking out the snow shovels for the winter storm, but some people make one simple mistake that could cause major problems: failing to properly insulate their bodies from the cold. When the temperature falls to single digits, it doesn’t take long for frostbite to affect feet, fingers, ears, or any other parts of the body not covered up. Dr. Richard Korentager is a plastic surgeon who also treats patients in the Burnett Burn Center at The University of Kansas Health System, which is where those with frostbite are usually seen. In the video, Dr. Korentager explains how quickly frostbite can hit, what symptoms to look for, how important it is to get fast treatment and the long term effects of frostbite. He also talks about the best way to prevent frostbite. The video also shows homeowner Jennifer Abbott shoveling her driveway. She talks about how she dresses for the job. Also on the video is Robert Atkins, a patient who was admitted to the hospital for frostbite on his feet in 2017, and a doctor examining him in his bed.