Help for Anyone Hooked on Opiates

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Jamey Brooks could be the poster child for the modern opiate epidemic. Many people think the typical abuser is a street addict, but the reality is most are like Jamey…successful businessman, loving spouse, a pillar of the community. But Jamey suffered an injury and needed an operation. While recovering, he took prescription opiates to help with the pain. Soon, he took more and more, until he was addicted. Before long, his life had spiraled into one of constantly searching for the next high. He lost his job, and his house. He came to the Kansas City area to care for a sick parent, and decided to seek help in a new location. He was directed to the Kansas City Metro Methadone Program at The University of Kansas Health System, one of the oldest such programs in the country.

The clinic provides medication, counseling and case management services to people who are dependent on opiates, including heroin, many prescription pain medications and other narcotic drugs.  Methadone greatly reduces drug cravings, delays physical withdrawal symptoms indefinitely, and has a blockade effect against the abuse of other opiates.  Stabilization on a daily dose of methadone allows the individual to resume a productive life without the use or abuse of unnecessary or illicit substances.

In the video, Dr. Amad Din, director of the methadone clinic, talks about how addiction impacts lives and how this clinic addresses the problem. Dr. Din explains how methadone works. and talks about some of the barriers people have to getting help, and why addiction is a disease. His biggest message is this is a serious epidemic that ruins lives and help is available.

Also on the video Jamey Brooks, who’s been in the program for four years. Brooks talks about how he got hooked on opioids and describes the symptoms of addiction. He explains how easy it was to get opioids and how he knew he needed help. He describes what entering the treatment program was like, how methadone works and how it’s changed his life. Also on the video is b-roll of prescription opiates.