All He Wants for Christmas Is a New Kidney

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            Abhi Singh, his wife Anna and their 7-year-old son Samir are enjoying the holidays. But what they really want this Christmas is a new kidney for Abhi. When he was a little boy, he went to India with his parents and ate some unwashed food which created a kidney disease or infection. Doctors told his parents by the time he would need a kidney transplant, medicine will have advanced. But now, 40 years later, Abhi’s kidney function is declining fast. For this rather private trio, it was time to hit the share button, and reach out to ask for help through social media. His doctor at The University of Kansas Health System told him that the wait for a cadaver kidney can be three to five years, and that Abhi doesn’t have that kind of time, so a public appeal could help him get one a lot sooner. So far the outpouring of support has been overwhelming…from friends, old co-workers to classmates reaching out, the Singhs hope someone will be the right match. His family calls him a super man…and his wife says the quicker they get through this the quicker he’s going to be back to full strength as a Superman.

            In the video, Dr. Jeffrey Klein, a nephrologist with The University of Kansas Health System, talks about how common kidney disease can be, especially among younger adults, and why living donation is the best option for most patients-in-need. He also explains how the use of social media has changed the way patients look for a suitable kidney donor and made a difference in how quickly they find one. He also says the process for a potential donor to be evaluated is very easy and outlines how it works.

            Also in the video, Abhi Singh and his wife Anna Custer-Singh describe the process that led them to this stage, and how they’re hopeful the right person will be a match. Their son, Samir, also explains why he thinks his dad is Superman. The video also shows the family cooking together in their house.