Largest Free Skin Cancer Screening Program In the Region

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Bob Hallinan

Executive Producer

Office: (913) 588-7284

Cell: (913)-481-7329


            The first Monday in May is designated as Melanoma Monday to promote early detection of skin cancer. Melanoma is a disease which can be fatal if not caught early. It’s become a hugely successful skin cancer screening program…in the last four years, nearly 20 percent of Melanoma Monday participants were found to have abnormalities on their skin that required further investigation. Midwest Cancer Alliance, the outreach network of The University of Kansas Cancer Center, and Outpacing Melanoma – in collaboration with the Division of Dermatology at The University of Kansas Health System – are holding their annual Melanoma Monday free skin cancer screening on Monday, May 6th. A full slate of people will be screened for this disease. While this year’s screening event is at capacity for registration, anyone interested in learning more can call 913-588-4719.

            In the video, Dr. Dan Aires, director of Dermatology at The University of Kansas Health System, talks about the benefits of regular melanoma screening, and how many lives it can save. The video also includes patients undergoing a melanoma screening.