Morning Medical Update Friday 5-13-22

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     The University of Kansas Health System is treating a total of 13 COVID patients today, down from 14 yesterday. Other significant numbers:

  • 6 with the active virus today, 5 yesterday
  • 2 in ICU, 0 yesterday
  • 0 on ventilator, same as yesterday
  • 7 hospitalized but out of acute infection phase, 9 yesterday

Key points from today’s guests:

Dr. Steve Lauer, pediatrician, The University of Kansas Health System

  • February baby formula plant shutdown and recall has led to nationwide shortage of formula
  • Could be six to eight weeks before store shelves are fully stocked
  • Parents starting to see problems this week
  • European formula would be OK, but could still take a while to get to U.S.
  • Be very careful about buying formula online as it may not have the same quality control as used in the factory
  • Cow’s milk is normally not used until the baby is 12 months old

Sallie Page-Goertz, pediatric nurse practitioner

  • Goat’s milk, almond milk or oatmeal milk are not suitable alternatives to formula
  • Trying to make your own formula from a recipe found online can be very risky and may not have all of the nutrients a baby needs
  • Before there was baby formula, babies in the 50’s were given evaporated milk with water and Kayro syrup
  • Adding water to formula to stretch the supply could be dangerous
  • Breast feeding is the best and cheapest option. Lactation consultants can help

Becky Mannel, executive director Oklahoma Mother's Milk Bank

  • Healthy breastfeeding mothers with excess milk are donating to milk banks across the country
  • Milk is pasteurized and much of it goes to hospitals, but also available to the public
  • The pandemic and the shortage have caused a huge demand for donor milk
  • Formula shortage is having a particularly big impact on disadvantaged populations such as African American and Native American families

Rich Kolko, retired FBI agent

  • Scammers are having a field day with the formula shortage
  • They want your money and personal information, and prey on desperate people during any shortage
  • Parents need to be sure an online purchase is from a reputable company
  • Always pay with a credit card rather than an internet transfer app like Venmo
  • If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director of Infection Prevention and Control, The University of Kansas Health System

  • COVID does not get transferred from breastfeeding mothers to their babies
  • Some employers are relaxing vaccine mandates for their workers
  • Numbers going up slowly but not a surge as we’ve seen in several other countries
  • Booster shots are still lagging behind

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