Morning Medical Update Friday 8-5-22

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     The University of Kansas Health System is treating a total of 49 COVID patients today, down from 51 Wednesday. Other significant numbers:

  • 28 with the active virus today, 29 Wednesday
  • 4 in ICU, 4 Wednesday
  • 1 on ventilators, 1 Wednesday
  • 21 hospitalized but out of acute infection phase, 22 Wednesday

Key points from today’s guests:

Dr. Gary Morsch, founder and executive chairman of Global Care Force

  • Visiting Ukraine for the second time this year to deliver medical supplies to four hospitals
  • Finding people in Ukraine taking vaccines and masking very seriously in fighting COVID
  • Hospitals are in the war zone, as several have sustained damage from missile attacks in the last few weeks
  • It’s an incredible challenge to find supplies and equipment not normally available to Ukrainian hospitals. Donations are welcome at

Dr. Maksym Prystupiuk, surgeon, City Clinical Hospital #4, Kyiv, Ukraine

  • Being on the front lines in a war zone, has seen many devastating injures since the war broke out
  • Has had to treat as many as 90 patients in one day
  • Shooting guns is not legal in his country, so doctors are not as used to treating as many gunshot victims as they are now seeing. Also treating massive wounds and mangled limbs from explosions.
  • Grateful for trauma help from other doctors visiting from Europe and The United States

Dr. Jim Pettey, orthopedic surgeon, Global Care Force volunteer

  • This is his second trip to Ukraine. He is assessing patients with the other doctors and will begin surgical cases next week
  • Getting shot by a high powered military rifle is not like you see in the movies. It’s a devastating injury that creates not only a bullet hole but a large zone of shock in the body.
  • Injuries from explosions are also very traumatic. Pressurization from the blast feels like getting hit with a baseball bat, a solid wall of compressed air, followed by whatever shrapnel was in the explosive
  • Most injuries of this type involved missing limbs or tissue

Rich Kolko, retired FBI agent

  • For those who want to give to charities offering to help Ukraine, he advises slow down and do research to verify a charity is legitimate
  • It’s best to give directly to the charity rather someone collecting on their behalf
  • Suggests using a donation verification site such as

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director Infection Prevention and Control, The University of Kansas Health System

  • Hoping we have reached a plateau of COVID cases and might begin to see a decrease soon
  • COVID can rebound in people who have not taken Paxlovid
  • New study shows many first responders don’t trust the vaccine. Wants to reassure them it is safe.
  • Not surprised to see efforts to stop smoking have dropped dramatically during the pandemic

Monday, August 8 at 8:00 a.m. is the next Morning Medical Update. A thousand young people died of a drug poisoning last year in the U.S. according to the CDC. The majority of those deaths were due to opioids like fentanyl. We’ll hear from a mom who lost a child to this and find out what can be done to stop this alarming trend.

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