Morning Medical Update Tuesday 5-10-22

      The University of Kansas Health System is treating a total of 17 COVID patients today, down from 20 yesterday. Other significant numbers:

  • 3 with the active virus today, 9 yesterday
  • 0 in ICU, 0 yesterday
  • 0 on ventilator, 1 yesterday
  • 14 hospitalized but out of acute infection phase, 20 yesterday

Key points from today’s guests:

Bob and Kelly Specht, Carl’s parents

  • Son, Carl, took his own life in college
  • Growing up, didn’t show any signs of depression
  • In college, Carl was diagnosed as bipolar. They say as parents, you don’t want to believe it, but need to take it very seriously.
  • They learned depression is common among young college-age adults
  • Knew they needed to bring awareness of this problem to as many people as possible. Created Carl’s Cause, a non-profit organization to change the future of mental health by combating stigma, creating awareness and connecting resources.

Dr. Greg Nawalanic, clinical director inpatient services, Strawberry Hill Campus

  • You can’t see from the outside the internal personal battle that some people wage every moment of every day
  • Suicidal thoughts are not a personal shortcoming, but a chemical imbalance combined with situational pressures.
  • Celebrity suicides, such as Naomi Judd, can help normalize the struggle many are going through
  • Most important thing for anyone having problems is to reach out and have conversations and acknowledge that you hurt and are not OK

Demetri Trautwein, Behavioral Health Navigator

  • In her role, helps new patients get connected to the mental health services they need and helps existing patients stay connected to resources
  • During COVID, telehealth has been an important link to those needing services who could not get to the provider in person
  • There are children as young as four, five and six who seem to show symptoms of mental illness. The way to get ahead of it is education, both students in school and parents at home
  • Medication combined with therapy is the gold standard for treating mental health problems

Dr. Dana Hawkinson, medical director of Infection Prevention and Control, The University of Kansas Health System

  • While health system numbers are down, surges and higher hospitalizations are happening in other countries
  • A fall COVID surge in the U.S. is possible with colder weather and people going back indoors
  • If you have symptoms, get tested early

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