How to Pick the Best Sun Screen

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          Swimming pools will soon be filled with splashing kids, as the unofficial start to summer begins Memorial Day Weekend. With summer fast approaching it’s never too soon to start a good daily sunscreen regimen. But how do you choose the right one for you and your family? A recent study shows that topical sunscreens don’t just sit on the surface of the skin but actually can seep into the blood stream within 24 hours of using them.

Dr. Daniel Aires, head of Dermatology with The University of Kansas Health System, has some good advice. In the video, he says choose a sunscreen that is mineral based, either titanium or zinc. He says this acts as a full shield against the sun’s harmful rays. Other options like sprays and oils simply aren’t going to give you the proper coverage. Dr. Aires also recommends protective sun gear like a hat, with ear and neck protection…and demonstrates some examples he uses every day. He says hands are especially susceptible to skin cancers so make sure to wear protective sun gloves and even arm sleeves if you’re going to be in the sun for an extended time. Dr. Aires explains that the sun isn’t bad, it’s burns that are also choose the best time of day to do your swimming, gardening and walking. Before 10am and after 4pm are the best times if you must be out.