What Parents Should Know About Dry Drowning

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           Doctors are issuing a warning about the dangers of “dry drowning” after a preschooler in Texas recently died from the condition. After a day at the pool, parents should be alert in case their children start to experience symptoms of coughing, trouble breathing, or even a slight fever.

           "Dry drowning is when you actually have exposure of the upper airway to fluid and then as a result you have a closure of your upper airway," said Dr. Travis Langner, in pediatric critical care at The University of Kansas Health System.  Langner says the condition is pretty rare, accounting for only one to two percent of drownings. However, it does seem to be more prevalent in younger swimmers.

        In the video, Dr. Langner explains what dry drowning is, how it happens, the symptoms, what parents should look for and what they should do if they suspect dry drowning. He also says how soon after getting out of the water parents might start to notice the symptoms.