Hunter and Scout Teach Kindergarten Students About Spring Poisons

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Kindergarten students at Rosehill Elementary learned how confusing and dangerous household cleaners, laundry products and medications can be at a special class during national Poison Control Week.

            “The Kansas Poison Control Center at The University of Kansas Hospital fielded more than 20-thousand calls in 2017,” Stefanie Baines, Poison Control Educator said. “The vast majority happened to small children at home and after they had eaten it.”

            The Poison Control Center created a series of teaching videos featuring Hunter the dog and Scout the cat to help the youngest of children how to tell potentially poisonous cleaners and medications from food and candy.

“Which of these  is medicine and which is candy?” Hunter asked the students as he pointed to allergy medication and a candy. “Very good, now can you tell which of these is a sports drink and which is window cleaner?”

Spring can be an especially dangerous time for children when families suffer seasonal allergies and begin their spring cleaning routines. 

In the video, Hunter quizzed kindergarten students after they watch his safety video.  School nurse Jennifer Wildung talks about the value of the special class.  Artistic Director of Mesner Puppet and voice of Hunter, Mike Horner, talks about how he enjoys this interaction with children and believes it helps the community.